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NO LONGER ON TOPIC. DO NOT USE. IDENTIFICATION QUESTIONS WILL BE CLOSED AS THEY ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTED. For questions looking to identify a musical instrument. Be sure to include enough information (sound clip, picture, video, description, etc.) for someone to be able to identify it.

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Name of music instrument used in Don't Starve [closed]

If you listen to - (0:57) and - (0:22) and (although I think I made my point) -
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Which saxophone is used on "Don't Deal With the Devil"? [closed] The link above is a song from the Cuphead soundtrack. I am unsure what instrument is being played. I can assume it is a type of saxophone. But which one? (Alto,Tenor,...
8 votes
1 answer

Help identify instrument from Hateful Eight [closed]

In the movie Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino there is a recurring theme played by a low-sounding brass instrument. You can hear it in this piece. Is this a kind of tuba or horn?
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What kind of brass instrument plays the intro on Hypnotic Brass Ensemble's Spottie? [closed]

I discovered Spottie by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. It is a cover of one of the songs by Outkast. Can someone tell me what kind of brass instrument begins at 0:09 and makes this deep sound?
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What is the name of the musical instrument shown on the video? [closed]

Here is the picture from the video: What is the name of the musical instrument shown there?
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