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NO LONGER ON TOPIC. DO NOT USE. IDENTIFICATION QUESTIONS WILL BE CLOSED AS THEY ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTED. For questions looking to identify a musical instrument. Be sure to include enough information (sound clip, picture, video, description, etc.) for someone to be able to identify it.

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What are the complete set of instruments and number of players in the Rocky and Bullwinkle Theme

In the theme for the cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle written by George Steiner and Frank Comstock, what are the instruments used and how many distinct players are there? My guess is: 1 flute/piccolo 1 ...
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What is the solo instrument played in "Immolation" from the Schindler's List soundtrack?

There is an interesting sounding instrument playing a solo a the 3 minute mark of "Immolation (With Our Lives, We Give Life)" from the Schindler's List soundtrack. It sounds like a woodwind ...
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Music ambience of an antagonist appearing in a cutscene or approaches a dark, low bass music will play

I notice this in shows/movies like Invincible, Star Wars, and The Good Place on Netflix that, villainy low bass orchestra ambient music will begin once a villain or any antagonist enters the scene. I'...
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Help identify instrument from Hateful Eight [closed]

In the movie Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino there is a recurring theme played by a low-sounding brass instrument. You can hear it in this piece. Is this a kind of tuba or horn?
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What kind of brass instrument plays the intro on Hypnotic Brass Ensemble's Spottie? [closed]

I discovered Spottie by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. It is a cover of one of the songs by Outkast. Can someone tell me what kind of brass instrument begins at 0:09 and makes this deep sound?
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What is the name of the musical instrument shown on the video? [closed]

Here is the picture from the video: What is the name of the musical instrument shown there?
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