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What is this anime song called? [closed]

skip to 0:58 where they have the person laying down.
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Japanese song title vaguely translated to "Love song"

This is a Japanese song I heard back in mid 2010s I believe the title was Koi no Uta (Love song) and it had a rap portion and the rest was kinda poppish. The only lyric I remember was that it vaguely ...
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Can Anyone Identify This Japanese Rock Song in the Background of this Mika Nakashima Video? [closed]

Link to Mika Nakashima video here This is a personal video of Mika Nakajima (中島 美嘉) towards the beginning of her fabulous career (2002). The song in question starts here at 5:53. I'm pretty sure the ...
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Identify Japanese instrumental song [closed]

I'm trying to find out the title of a supposedly Japanese song, since whenever I hear that tune on TV, they're talking about Japan. I've been trying with Shazam and SoundHound, but in vain. I have ...
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What genre would Fiction by Sumika (a japanese band) be categorized as?

The song, for reference: I hesitate to call the genre "J-rock" or "J-pop".
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What does "language is gestural and splintered" mean in music? How can it arouse "the overall impression of highly coloured abstraction"?

I'm reading The Rough Guide to Classical Music (2010 5th ed.) by Joe Staines. On p. 563 bottom, left column, he writes: Takemitsu’s orchestral works vary considerably, but his overriding ...
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What is the music style from a lot of 70's Japanese anime or *tokusatsu* series called?

What is the music style from a lot of 70's Japanese anime or tokusatsu series called? I'm trying to find a term that includes all that type of music, as a lot of them sound kinda similar. I don't ...
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Japanese funeral chanting in Tokyo Monogatari

I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about the musical tradition surrounding the funeral scene in Yasujirō Ozu's film Tokyo Monogatari, beginning at 1:53:40. I am very struck by this chant ...
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Is there any reason for Japanese artists (anime songs, mainly) being not much present in music services like Spotify?

I love a lot of Japanese artists like JUDY AND MARY, Siam Shade, and I don't see them much present in music services. Is that any sort of Japanese "culture" or prejudice with these platforms?
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What is this song from this youtube video? [closed]

What is this song in this YouTube video ? The title of the video is "【手描きHQ】飛雄と及川で威../風.堂/". Someone said commented that it is Pomp and Circumstance, ...
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Complete list of Somei Satohs works

I'm looking for a complete list of Somei Satohs works. The list on the english Wiki is rather incomplete as it misses for example The Heavenly Spheres Are Illuminated By Lights Birds In Warped Time ...
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Japanese Folk Song "Sunayama" [closed]

There is a Japanese folk song called Sunayama and I think it is very beautiful but I cannot find any reliable information upon it. I know there are a few songs on iTunes of it but pretty much nothing (...
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Type of music that resembles Japanese singer MISIA

I found this artist through a Square Enix game and loved her ever since. I was wondering if anyone knows her and have any suggestions on the same type of music. Example of her music
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What does the KOBATEAM team do in Babymetal's music?

Kobametal (Key Kobayashi) from Amuse, Inc. is the producer for the band Babymetal. What does his team do for the music? Help with musical compositions? Give advice? Give them ideas? What is his ...
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Code on Japanese CDs

All my music CDs from Japan have a code printed on the back (and sometimes also on the disk or the booklet). It seems to start with capitalized letters and to end with numerals. For example, my ...
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Why are bonus tracks so common in Japanese versions?

Just as the title says: Why are bonus tracks so common in japanese versions of a release?
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