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Questions tagged [korean]

Music, songs, artists of Korean origin, both traditional and contemporary.

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What is the first North Korean song in this video called? [closed]

I really like the first song played. However, it's mixed together with the street noises in the video, so my downloaded copy of that video, minus the video, is full of noise. I'd like a "clean&...
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What is the family theme piano song in "Legend of the Blue Sea"? [closed]

Trying to find the name of the family theme from the Legend of the Blue Sea television series. This soundtrack is unfortunately not in the soundtrack list. This link directs to the relevant scene in ...
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What is the song played by Lee Min Ho in Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 2? [closed]

Lee Min Ho plays a song with guitar in Legend of The Blue See Episode 2. Here is the frame: What is this song?
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Does "Gangnam Style" contain any non-Korean words?

I used to assume "Style" was English and couldn't be Korean, but I subsequently found out that there's a Korean word based on the English word "style". However, I'm still wondering about what sounds ...
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Is it a coincidence that the acronym SNSD is the same in Korean and Chinese?

SNSD is a Korean pop group otherwise known as Girls' Generation outside of Asian. In Korean, it is "So Nyeo Shi Dae", to be honest I can almost pronounce it the same in Chinese. In Chinese it is 少女時代 ...
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reasons behind K - pop success

K-pop seems to be much more successful (compared to other Asian genres and even most countries in the world) in spreading its influence rapidly across the globe. What are some reasons behind this ...
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