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Questions tagged [lyrics]

For questions regarding the words to a song, their interpretation and meaning.

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26 votes
4 answers

In the song "Hotel California" by the Eagles, what are "colitas"?

Hotel California is one of my favorite songs. One mysterious line at the beginning of the song states: Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air I speak some Spanish, but neither I nor my ...
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16 votes
11 answers

Are the lyrics in "Teardrop" by Massive Attack "feathers" or "fearless"

OK, I'm changing this question a little bit since I've discovered a problem with the root of the question assuming the lyrics in the song are "feathers on my breath". Apparently this is a big debate ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Is there a service that tags songs based on the subject matter of the lyrics?

Today we are improving tagging a song/album/artist a lot with music streaming applications where music search is pivotal. I'm looking for a certain type of music which concerns the lyrics, so I'm ...
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How do the "Hatten är din" meme lyrics correspond to the original "Miin ma kenti" lyrics

BACKGROUND: In 1981, [Lebanese musician Azar] Habib recorded "Miin Ma Kenti" (Whoever you are) ... in Arabic for his Ya Malaki album; the tape eventually made its way to Sweden. Nineteen ...
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What's the origin of the phrase "Rise Up Singing"?

There's a famous song book called "Rise Up Singing." That expression appears in the lyric of Summertime, from Porgy and Bess. I wonder whether that's the whole story of the phrase (it was created by ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Extra audience lyrics in a K-Pop song?

We've been to Japan a couple of months ago and happened to catch a performance of a Korean group, Snuper. It is interesting that the audience takes part in the show, and is singling between the ...
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1 answer

The lyrics of dazz band's Open Sesame

Possibly the most emotional song I've ever heard from Dazz Band's album Rock the Room.. I can not find the full lyrics of this song. I just heard something like 'I said "Open Sesame", not I've finally ...
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Hatten är din - original lyrics

What are the original lyrics of "Hatten är din"? I am not talking about the English or Swedish lyrics.
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