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When a radio station plays a song but it doesn't show up in their 'recently played' list online, what does this mean?

I'm not sure if all radio stations do this, but a station I listen to has a page online where they list their 'recently played' songs. But I notice there are certain songs that don't show up. ...
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1 answer

What adjective did The Economist use to describe Andrew Lloyd Webber's music?

Years ago I remember reading in The Economist newspaper a particularly poignant adjective used to describe Andrew Lloyd Webber's music. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the exact term. I haven't been ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Who designed and approved the easily broken jewel case hinge?

CD jewel boxes most often break at the corners, on the protruding hinge ends. It's a very obvious weak spot in the box. Was anyone at Philips fired over this? How did such a poorly planned design make ...
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8 votes
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how to replace the inner springs of a cardboard sleeve CD case?

the plastic springs in the center of CD cases can break, and when a couple of them are gone, the CD will fall out of place. regular jewel boxes have a removable tray which can be replaced; cardboard ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Best brands of blank media types for storage? [closed]

Can anyone possibly review/list what are the best brands of various blank media types to buy for longevity and quality? I'd love to see CDR, DVDR and BRR but at the very least CDR is definitely on ...
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