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Questions tagged [melody]

For questions about melody. In its most literal sense, a melody is a combination of pitch and rhythm, while more figuratively, the term can include successions of other musical elements such as tonal color. Don't confuse melody with harmony.

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Music with notes always going up

Somehow the "Vorrede" of "Also sprach Zarathustra" came to my mind (no wonder, it's sort of a pop-cultural meme) and I pondered that the (mostly!) ascending notes surely add to the ...
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Most "monotone" music piece?

"Ca plane pour moi" by Plastic Bertrand repeats the same note about twenty times (I lost count). Anyone to top this? (I think it is fair to split into a "classic" and "modern&...
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Can't find a specific Melody Search Engine Website that I have seen before

I have been searching now already for quite a long time a website that does a similar job as the following websites: Peachnote Musipedia Unfortunately, these websites are not what I am looking for. ...
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songs and compositions that have the same melody as the "At the old ball game" part of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

Are there any other songs and compositions that have the same melody as the At the old ball game part of Take Me Out to the Ball Game besides The National Emblem March? There are at least are three ...
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What songs share (variations of) the "As I Walked Down the Street" melody? [closed]

I was recently listening to a list of PBS Kids intersticials on YouTube, and I found a song called As I Walked Down the Street and the melody of it reminded me of a few different possibilities. A ...
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Song similar to David Bowie - "Ashes to Ashes"

I have a track stuck in my head which I don't know the interpret nor the title. Its very similiar to "David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes". I think on the label/logo was a vinyl. Where can I find ...
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What are the differences between the original versions and updated versions of *Guys Do It All The Time* & *Ten Thousand Angels* by Mindy McCready?

Recently I rediscovered country music singer Mindy McCready. If some of you don't know who she is, she is famous for the songs Ten Thousand Angels and the mega 1996 smash country crossover hit Guys Do ...
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Is the refrain in the song *Kaadhal Piriyaamal* by Deva inspired from *Nila Kaigirathu* by A. R. Rahman?

I was listening to the song Nila Kaigirathu from the movie Indira (1995) a few days back, and I felt that a portion of the pallavi (refrain) was very similar to the one in Kaadhal Piriyaamal from the ...
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Is Santiano's "Mädchen von Haithabu" intentionally very similar to Tha Mi Sgith?

An excerpt from this Wikipedia page: Santiano is a German band from the northern region of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, whose genres include Irish folk, sea shanty, and schlager music. The name ...
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Common chord progression and melody used for "inspirational" style music?

I'm looking to identify the chord progression and melody used in this song I hear variations of it used in a lot of "inspirational" style music. The melody I'm ...
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Are "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" the same song?

I noticed when my baby sisters are listening to a certain melody, I start singing Itsy Bitsy Spider or Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. This makes me wonder if they are the same melody with different ...
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Which thing describe the song more than melody?

A melody (also tune, voice, or line) is a linear succession of musical tones that the listener perceives as a single entity. Is there any thing better than melody? I mean in the sense of sweet tune, ...
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