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Modern composition for flute and dancing

Hope the question fits here. I'm trying to remember without success of a composition for transverse flute in which the performer also has to dance and make some vocals. If I remember correctly, the ...
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What duplicates can I delete from Pierre Boulez's Complete Works (by DG), vs. his Complete Columbia Album Collection?

By "duplicate", I mean the selfsame piece, performers, and performance. Disregard the same piece PERFORMED DIFFERENTLY, e.g. different performers or time. What's duplicated between Pierre ...
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Which of Pierre Boulez's composition(s) are considered unlistenable, and/or the (Modernist) Emperor's New Clothes? [closed]

I can brook listening to Boulez's 3 Piano Sonatas, Le Marteau sans maître, Pli selon pli, and Répons. I've listened to Boulez's OTHER compositions THE PAST 20 YEARS, but nothing else of his resonates ...
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We love Messiaen, the Second Viennese School. But why can't we appreciate Boulez and UltraSerialism?

We love and listen to Messiaen and the Second Viennese School like Berg, Schoenberg, Webern — even before my daughter was born! Daughter's studying music at university. To guard privacy, I don't want ...
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How is one to enjoy listening to the piece "Epigrams: I. –" by Elliott Carter?

How am I supposed to appreciate or enjoy listening to Epigrams: I. – composed by Elliot Carter, from his Late Works (2017) album? Is there a certain way of listening or do you need specific knowledge ...
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How can I hear Dissonant Postmodern Music as blissful uplifting music? [closed]

Preface: I ask this as a devil's advocate; so please don't challenge my premise of trying to hear Dissonant Postmodern Music (hereafter DPM) as merry, enraptured, paradisical music, e.g. that by ...
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Why don't we hear Dissonant Postmodern Music as merry uplifting music?

Reddit comments argue that for Dissonant Postmodern Music (abbreviated to DPM), enjoyment: should mean 'appreciated, not necessarily enjoyed. If you feel a deep unease while listening and are quite ...
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