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Unusual percussion in the theme from High Noon

The theme from "High Noon" contains a subtle but unusual percussion accompaniment. It seems very out of place (in a good way) in a western. Was that strange rhythm and instrument unique to ...
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Why is unpitched percussion so dominant in music produced in the last century onward?

The motivation for this question is personal; I find unpitched percussion grating, and thus the way that I will pose the question will be colored by that. The prevalence of unpitched percussion is ...
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What's this percussion instrument in Starless by King Crimson [closed]

In the song Starless from King Crimson's album Red, in the slow guitar crescendo, Bill Bruford starts hitting notes and flams on what sounds like wooden instruments. The passage starts here. I've ...
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When did the Goombay genre start?

According to Wikipedia Goombay is a music genre from the Bahamas (in addition to being the name of an instrument central to the genre). What was the first song that would today be qualified as ...
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I'm wondering if there is a word for drum rhythms that make you want to dance?

I'd really like to find a word that means dancing to the sound of drums, percussion, or just the way you feel when music makes you want to dance!
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Percussion instrument used in a USAFE Band [closed]

We went to a concert last night by the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Band (USAFE Band). I'm looking for the name of this instrument.
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What kind of percussion is this?

I recently bought two steps from hell's battlecry album, and there is a few percussion instruments which I'd love to know more about. For example, in "victory" you can hear this "tick tick tick" sound ...
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10 votes
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Looking for the name of an obscure percussion instrument

I'm trying to find out what an instrument is called. Please tell me I'm not crazy because everyone I ask looks at me like I'm from outer space. I saw it years ago in my friend's cymbal catalog, ...
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When did the "standard drumkit" become popular in music

When did the standard drum kit become popular in music. My definition of standard drum kit being: snare drum bass drum hi-hat cymbal(s) tom-tom(s)