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8 votes
3 answers

On The Temptations "For Lover's Only" Album, which songs feature which bass singer?

While recording The Temptations' album For Lover's Only, original bass singer fell ill and left the group; he passed away before the album's release. He was replaced in the group by former Parliament-...
12 votes
0 answers

Who is the third featured singer on "Side Effects" by Parliament?

For years I've been unable to figure out who the third featured singer on "Side Effects", off Parliament's Chocolate City album is. He doesn't sound like any singer within the P-Funk crew ...
6 votes
1 answer

Who are Darryl, Jacki, Paul, and Diane?

First, some background from Wikipedia: Silicon Teens were a British virtual electronic new wave pop group. The project was the creation of Mute Records founder Daniel Miller, with Frank Tovey ...