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Any questions related to the production process of music, cd's, or anything alike.

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How/why is it that house/techno "producers" still work with traditional producers/mixing engineers?

Take this song, for example. My first impression was that this song involved Ariana singing on a Zedd instrumental. But then I discovered Max Martin helped write the song, and i'm sure he had a ...
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2 answers

How did Paul's Boutique (1989) contain sounds which were "not samples"?

I read this strange claim today: Their second album, Paul's Boutique (1989), composed almost entirely of samples, was a commercial failure, but later received critical acclaim. Source: https://en....
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Is the vinyl records production process going green?

I wonder if there is some kind of attention in going green in the entire record production process (or part of it). By "going green" I mean if there are emerging approaches in everything ...
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Why is it so hard to identify Library music?

When a media production joins a music to their project, they sometimes use library music for economic reasons. For some reason, composers and performing artists stay anonymous and it is very hard to ...
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Have any rock bands risked their lives or done anything extreme to achieve a tone?

Especially in today's music industry, achieving all the desired effects and elements that otherwise used to depend on the performance during recording can typically be achieved in post production. One ...
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4 answers

Who mixes for Pentatonix songs?

Pentatonix voices sound very clear and good. Does anyone know who mixes for them? And also I am curious that what kind of program/DAW do they use for their production?
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Are posthumously-released songs by XXXTentacion actually sung by him?

With the release of XXXTentacion's new album SKINS, I am a little suspicious about if the actual singer is by the artist himself. Sure, there are a lot of vocals that X did not release, in which his ...
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1 answer

Does it follow industry practice to use the term "mix" to refer to a different version of a song?

I am wondering if you could confirm with me if what I'm doing is correct: I wrote a song, Gotta Have You, and I'm planning on releasing it next month as my debut single. I will have 4 other versions ...
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6 answers

Why do artists not release backing tracks, instrumentals, and acapellas in their singles?

Currently, artists just release singles with 1 track - the song. For example, Ariana Grande's single "Focus" has 1 track: Focus But wouldn't it be better to release additional tracks as well, like ...
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3 answers

Making music with cheap programs?

I keep seeing these "make your own music" videos on YouTube and it sounds like a lot of fun. But the people making these videos have these really expensive programs for making these sounds, ($4,000 at ...
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1 answer

Publishing agreement around Beyoncé's song "Sandcastles"

According to this information, why did the song writer Vincent Berry II said that the he couldn't sign the contract because it's a high interest loan? Why is that? From Wikipedia, who quotes an ...
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Royalty reducers and ways in which record labels screw artists

Newbie here. I am looking to know how many ways can and do record labels screw artists ? One way which I came to know is making an artist contracted exclusively to a record label for which he is ...
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Did Eminem actually compose the song "Stronger Than I was"?

About this song by Eminem, Stronger Than I Was, Wikipedia shows Luis Resto and Eminem both as producers. My concern is that since the song contains very less rap portion did Luis composed most of the ...
8 votes
1 answer

How is/was this guitar vocoder effect achieved?

In Funkify Your Life by the Meters (and many other Funk tracks I've heard), the guitar line blends with a vocoder effect. You can hear it in the first 30 seconds here on YouTube. How was this ...
17 votes
3 answers

What Exactly Is *Virgin* Vinyl?

Better not have anything to do with Richard Branson. Thrill Jockey has a couple of up coming releases that are apparently both being pressed on virgin vinyl. In Plain Speech by Circuit des Yeux ...
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1 answer

Origins of the acoustic guitar in Portishead's "The Rip" from the album "Third"

The acoustic guitar in Portishead's The Rip always catches my attention. The guitar take they used is filled with execution mistakes. Beth Gibbons' beautiful voice distracts away from it, but if you ...