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Vinyl Records as a long-term investment? Sell 20 years later at a big profit

I bought a beginner's record player and accessories last year. It was a very expensive affair. I've now put the record player in the cellar and am back with Homepod as hardware and music from Torrent ...
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I got "unstable" (IMHO) paper sleeves from online record store for free. How do I use them?

I had received "unstable" paper sleeves from online record store for free. How do I use them? Here is a picture: Do I have to take the vinyl records out of the original packaging and put ...
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Good site to get accurate value of record

I'm looking to sell records, how can I get good quotes on how much they're worth? I can't find any reliable place.
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When did vinyl switch from “Side One/Two” to “A/B Side”?

Not sure if this is universal but I’ve been going through some of my dad’s records (late ‘60s to ‘80s) and I’ve noticed that all of his vinyls describe the first side as “Side One” and the back side ...
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Is there a record player that plays digital music upon needle placement?

I am searching for a very specific kind of record player that I couldn't find through an internet search or in stores. I really like the look of record players, but I don't want to get into the ...
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Vinyl record limited to 700 meaning?

What does it mean when a vinyl record says "Limited to 700"?
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"Someone else's dream" - female voice, guitar [closed]

I would like to know the name of this song. It's a recording that I found out there
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Has a B-side unexpectedly become more popular than A-side?

When released for the first time, a single usually suppose to have a hit on the A-side, and a secondary song not supposed to be a hit, on the B-side. That song was basically used to fill the B-side, ...
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Wavy Gravy Record Labels

Who owned the record label "Wavy Gravy", what records did it put out, how long did it run for, and do the artists still receive royalties? Any info is appreciated!
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Sam Sparro - Black and Gold

I have searched everywhere on YouTube, but could not find the original song video by Sam Sparro, the one where the black Mercedes car with gold metal strips walls along the stage, and then the fish ...
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Does virgin vinyl sound different than recycled vinyl?

This question asks what is virgin vinyl: What Exactly Is *Virgin* Vinyl? Many of the answers, and general opinion on the internet, point out that virgin vinyl will produce a better sounding record ...
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When music goes "out of print", do the writers/performers still hold their copyright?

I was wondering about out-of-print music and how it comes back in print. Do the writers still retain their copyrights? Who determines when a record/CD will go out of print, and who makes it ...
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What was the first vinyl record ever pressed?

I am wondering about, what was the first vinyl record ever pressed. I am not interested in the first record ever (for example shellac), only the first vinyl record.
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What's the difference between a record and an album?

The term record and album seemed to be used interchangeably, however, was/is there a difference between these two terms? For example, the Grammy Awards have awards for both, yet records and albums ...
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