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Any question relating to the use of samples used in media. Do not use this tag to identify a sample.

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What is said at the end of "I Dream Myself Alive", and why?

At the very end of the a-ha song "I Dream Myself Alive" (2:56 to 2:59), there's a barely audible voice in German. I believe it says "Die Berichterstattung soll umfassend, wahrheitsge-&...
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What was the first song to contain a sample from another song on the same album?

Listening to Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988) and noticed that "Night of the Living Baseheads" contains a few samples from "Bring the Noise" from ...
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How does sampling work with respect to legal/ethical issues?

My understanding from Wikipedia is that sampling of any kind could breach copyright and there have been many plagiarism lawsuits, but this seems inconsistently handled and I don't understand what the ...
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Does the riff in *Shake Your Body* (The Jacksons) sound the same as the one in "Golden Years" (Bowie)?

The bass line from Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) sounds the same as the sung hook "Run for the shadows" from the middle of Golden Years. Should Bowie get a writing credit for the Jacksons song?...
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Where is this "overused" piece of ending originated from? [duplicate]

Here it is: Here's an example video, jump straight to the end (at 11:07). It is literally heard everywhere, mostly used as an improvisation, e.g. to add a fun and humorous twist in any piece of ...
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Any Plunderphonics recommendations? [closed]

I recently got into Plunderphonics and I'm aware of the works of John Oswald, Negativland, The Residents, The Avalanches, and Orchid Spangiafora. As I searched for more, I saw that finding ...
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Seeking song with passionate noises to sample

I am using GarageBand to make a beatbox version of "There are a Few of My Favorite Things". Beatbox loops in Garageband are fine, but very masculine. Garageband does not offer comparable more ...
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What is the source of this clause, often used to mark the completion of something? [duplicate]

Seems everybody knows this clause by ear, even its rhythm is very suggestive. I wrote down a version in C Major, it look like this: The Lilypond source is \relative g' { \key c \major \time 2/4 c g8 ...
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Did Aphex Twin ever used samples from someone else's tracks?

Did Aphex Twin used samples in his tracks and is his music 100% his own creation?
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Where does this famous rhythm pattern come from (oftenly used to knock on a door)?

This rhythm pattern seems very famous and is oftenly used to knock on someone's door, sometimes as a code: Does it have an history? Where does it come from?
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Which modern songs/melodies use the "Devil's interval" augmented 4th, discounting the use of tritone substitution in jazz?

Recently I was informed that the augmented 4th has historically been viewed as satanic or "the devil in music" and wanted to start a collection of relatively modern (say 20th century onwards) songs ...
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How is the effect called when you slap a drum stick on the metal edge of the snare?

I am actually looking for a sample that contains this effect, like in this song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers at 0:55
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Is the guitar riff from the chorus of The Rover used in any other songs?

Listening to Led Zeppelin's The Rover for the first time, I thought I recognized the guitar riff from the chorus, but I don't know where else I could have heard it. Are there any songs that sample ...
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Sampled Rap Songs [closed]

It's entirely standard for rap songs to use samples, but what about the other way around --rap music sampled for use in non-rap songs? I can think of two examples: Macy Gray's Do Something which ...
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What differentiates the 808 kicks from others?

I know the origin of 808 bass kicks is the Roland TR-808 drum machine. But what differentiates them from the bass kicks of other drum machines? What made them so widespread, even today? Isn't there ...
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Did the "Call 911 now!" sample in Skrillex's "First of the Year (Equinox)" come from a YouTube video?

In Skrillex's song "First of the Year (Equinox)" (listen on Spotify), there is a sample of someone shouting, "Call 911 now!". I've heard that this sample was taken from a YouTube video of some ...
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Was The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" the first released record to contain a sample of another released record?

The Beatles' Yellow Submarine contains a cut-up of a Sousa march that apparently came from another record (as described in Was this the first instance ...
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What song has been sampled the most (ended up in the most other released tracks)?

Being a drum and bass and hip hop fan, I'm quite familiar with the Amen Break and Funky Drummer. Is one of these the most sampled sound of all time (in terms of then being incorporated into other ...
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The "right here, right now" sample in "Right Here, Right Now"

In Fatboy Slim’s Right Here, Right Now, the lyrics contain repetitions of "right here, right now", spoken by a woman. This sample seems to be taken from the movie Strange Days, where Angela Bassett ...
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