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what is the song of Louis Tomlinson which you want to listen again and tell about his family?

tell me about this and lets discuss about our favorite singer family back ground.
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Do performers arrive before or after the audience?

Is there a set rule for performers to arrive before or after the crowd? Or, is it up to each performer's choice? Note: I am not asking about festivals, but just concerts.
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Why do featuring artists not appear in the artists section?

On Spotify, I have seen that the majority of the time when there is a featuring artist, they are put in the song name but not as an artist. Why is this?
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Bilingual songs performed by Artists in concerts

Do Bilingual artists perform and sing songs in different languages at concerts when they travel abroad viz USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, France etc Are there examples of those Artists who have ...
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HS3 (Harry Styles) Album

Do we know what Harry Styles' 3rd Album will be called, when it will be released, or what songs it will contain?
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Do Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson still talk?

Harry and Louis have been classed as a couple many times. Out of all the members of One Direction, these 2 had, arguably, the closest relationship, and even lived together. After One Direction's "...
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Are there any laws and punishments to prevent new singers from copying famous singers' voices and tones?

In one of the third-world countries I know some new singers who copy exactly the voice of a particular famous singer (native to that country too) in their singing. There are some stand-up comedians ...
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Ariana Grande verse in key of D, track is still in C: Save your tears remix

In this video: The Weeknd & Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears (Remix) Ariana Grande sings in the key of D while the backing track stays in the original key of C. Did she manage to do that while ...
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Examples where a solo singer is in counterpoint to a choir?

I am trying to get inspiration to do exactly this: the sound of a small number of people in harmony, perhaps three or four, in counterpoint, singing different notes of different lengths, against a ...
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When and where was Luciano Pavarotti born, and died?

I heard that Luciano Pavarotti was born in 1935 and had died in 2007. What was the specific date of his birth ans death? And where was he born/died?
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Male/Female Key vs. Octave

In many pop songs today, when the song is sung by one gender: The same gender as the singer would sing it in the original key and register. Another gender would sing the transposed version written in ...
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Why did Leonard Cohen laugh during the original First We Take Manhattan song but not in live shows?

In the original song, Leonard Cohen clearly laughs when singing about the monkey and the plywood violin. It can be heard here. However, in live shows (e.g. in London) he's not laughing at that point ...
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How did Bon Scott die?

The title says it all. How did Bon Scott die? On the Wikipedia, all it says is he died. But how did it happen?
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Religious music - one note for extended period

Can anyone point me to examples of the following: Vicars often sing before prayer (I think) in a particular style that focuses on one note for the majority of the phrase and then moves to maybe ...
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Does the singer Dua Lipa have a sister?

The singer Dua Lipa appears with a lookalike in a clip (IDGAF). Is it her sister or is it really a montage? I thought it was very real.
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Which artist has served front man in the most bands?

This question arrived after conversing about the spontaneous variety that is Les Claypool. I ask in terms of artists (whether they are, or have been, a singer, guitarist, or bassist, pianist, or any ...
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