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Why are almost all "turntable stands" and "Vinyl record storage units" made of wood? Does this have something to do with the sound quality?

Why are almost all "turntable stands" and "Vinyl record storage units" made of wood? Does this have something to do with the sound quality? I prefer modern metal furniture and ...
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Is it a good idea to have a wireless connected Subwoofer for Vinyl?

Very similar question like Is it a good idea to stream a vinyl turntable via Bluetooth? but with a wireless connected Subwoofer. I soon own a HT-G700 3.1ch Dolby Atmos® / DTS:X® Soundbar sound system, ...
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Were Ornette Colemann's concerts ever noted to be incredibly or even unbearably loud?

I saw only one Ornette Coleman performance in my life, it was in the mid/late 1980's, and it was memorable event first because of the music and finally because of the incredibly loud volume that the ...
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Has audio quality improved since the CD era?

When I got my CD player in 1995, it sounded so clean compared to my old tapes. I never really could afford to buy many CDs at all, so I only ever had extremely few of them. Then, the Internet post ...
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What is the sound quality of the blue-marble vinyl pressing of Electric Youth's "Innerworld"?

does anyone have a take on the sound quality of the blue-marble vinyl pressing of Electric Youth's "Innerworld" album? I've been interested in buying one on eBay for some time but with the ...
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Original recording of Traffic's The low spark of high heeled boys — good sound quality?

I own a CD of this album, probably its first release on CD (bought it early or mid 90s). The sound quality is... well, it has an overall nice warm quality; but it also has some really horrible aspects/...
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Why does Metal sound so muddy?

I've been a metal-music addict since my early teens. But in the last few years I've listened to more and more Rap/Trap and so on. And I've bought myself some really really expensive headphones to ...
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Is it a good idea to stream a vinyl turntable via Bluetooth?

I am a beginner in the "vinyl world" and I am interested in how modern turntables work. As I have heard from people, if you stream your record player with Bluetooth (e.g. Audio Technica AT-...
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Click sound in Chicago's song

Every time I listen to Chicago's "If you leave me now" song in the beginning 00:09 I hear a slight click sound. I guess it's natural sound of guitar strings touched while changing the chord. But I'm ...
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If possible, how could mastering engineers allow for stereo bass on vinyl?

I've read that anything below 300 Hz should be cut in mono on vinyl; others say 100 Hz should be the threshold. I always thought it mattered most how much music was cramped onto each side, because the ...
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Arrested Development: Static on 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of

I have several copies of this album (CD, cassette, etc) and there is static on many of the tracks. Back in '94 I remember hearing the explanation was: (some guy left the master LP in the sun, or ...
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Where do 5.1 (surround sound) soundtracks end up? [closed]

I know most music is never produced in 5.1 or 7.1, but I know with Blu-rays, most soundtracks from large film companies are surround sound. Obviously I can listen to 5.1 while the movie is playing, ...
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Does the sound card of a digital mixer affect the quality of the vinyl song?

my setup for my vinyl is like this: I have one vinyl player who is connected to a (real crappy) dj mixer (Cortex dmix-600). This mixer has a sound card, i guess, because it can play directly from an ...
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Why is my turntable playing at uneven speed?

I have a Numark PT-01USB turntable, which lately has been sounding strange. When playing an LP on it, it sounds as if the LP rotates at uneven speed, so that the tone pitch varies with the rotation ...
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What's the best way to connect two iPods to one set of amplified speakers?

I have a unique stereo set up scenario that I am looking to figure out. I share an office with another person and we have a really nice set of speakers that we use to play music on. The problem is we ...
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What's the difference between Tidal's "High quality" and "High Fidelity"?

I saw Jay-Z's music service launched last night and I found one of their mini-games online asking you to spot the difference between "high quality" music and "high fidelity" music as that's its unique ...
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How can I tell what quality/bitrate the audio stream is on a YouTube video I'm watching?

Main question as per title! Also interested in whether it's always the same format of audio (compression technique etc.) or if it depends on the audio stream in the uploaded video? Also, does the ...
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Is there any difference in terms of sound quality between different vinyl colours?

There are numbers of limited and special editions of vinyl LPs nowadays, and a lot of them differ from standard edition by vinyl colour: transparent, white, red, splattered… Is there any difference in ...
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