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About categorisations of particular styles of music, for example for an artist or specific piece of music

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Is there a term for this style of ethnic European folk song?

The style features verses that are slow, sometimes speeding up, but ending with a rallentando and often a fermata, then going into a chorus that begins slowly (sometimes very slowly) with a gradual ...
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Byrd vs. Byrd: What's in a name?

Fans of jazz who have come across the works of Charlie Byrd and Donald Byrd might have wondered if ever there was ever a blood relation between the two. The only link apparent in discography was ...
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What are all the "music genres" ending with core? (which are related to nightcore)

I already know of nightcore, daycore, cottagecore, and slowcore but I believe there are more and I want to be able to listen to them all. Unfortunately, I don't know how exactly to research this and ...
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Was OMC’s “How Bizarre” (1995) inspired by Anne Clark’s “Hope Road” (1987)?

Listening to the Anne Clark song “Hope Road” (1987, YouTube, from 01:00), I immediately had to think of OMC’s “How Bizarre” from (1995, YouTube, from 00:15). The rhythm of the vocals is so similar in ...
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