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Synthpop disco song, retro 80s vibe, British accent, German name

I remember listening to a song on YouTube a few years ago: The song had a 80s vibe but I don't think it was actually from the 80s. The singer was male, tall, and blond or ginger. He reminded me very ...
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1 answer

What's the connection between Synthwave and Miami?

Synthwave leans heavily on a set of nostalgic elements dating from the '80's, including movies and video games from the era. But why is there an association with Miami? In a lot of the artwork ...
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1 answer

Name of band with keyboardist wearing cape and singer with Native American hairstyle [closed]

I saw them live on Austin City Limits many years ago (more than 10 years ago). I am seeking the name of band. These are all the details I can remember: Band with 2 members, both men Keyboardist, who ...
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2 answers

Genre of music used in old Amiga demo videos

Many years ago I found some Amiga music in demos. Interference demo You can start at 0.35. Turrican 2 - Desert rocks It kind of also have that sound. ...
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1 answer

Identify the opening discourse in "Pray", from Haelos [closed]

So there is this discourse opening from the band Haelos, it is the first song in this link. Does anyone know who's talking? My bet is that is Churchill, but I'm not sure.
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2 answers

What genre is Futurecop! and Cinnamon Chasers?

There is this growing subgenre of EDM characterised by 80's nostalgic themes and lots of oldschool synths. The most prominent artists I'm aware of are: Futurecop!, Cinnamon Chasers, Anoraak. How do ...
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1 answer

Taco's Charleston Lyrics?

I have found this relatively obscure song by Taco, called Taco's Charleston, and noticed that the lyrics for much of the song are "unknown" (represented by the question marks). Can someone identify ...
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1 answer

I need help identifying the song in this clip [closed]

I've been following this account on instagram and would like to know if anyone recognizes this tune. @aestheticsfoodstore's post with you. See it at
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1 answer

Who are Darryl, Jacki, Paul, and Diane?

First, some background from Wikipedia: Silicon Teens were a British virtual electronic new wave pop group. The project was the creation of Mute Records founder Daniel Miller, with Frank Tovey ...