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Is there a name for this lyrical construct?

In Taylor Swift's song Anti-Hero, the last two lines of the chorus are: I'll stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero But as it's sung,...
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List of Taylor Swift Songs With Unconventional Time Signatures

What Taylor Swift songs use unconventional time signatures like 10/8 (I know “evermore” and “closure” do, but are there others?). By unconventional I mean time signatures not widely used that might ...
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When is the next Taylor Swift concert going to happen?

When is Taylor Swift's next tour going to happen? I know Lover Fest was postponed due to covid, is that going to be rescheduled? Also, will there be a folklore/evermore tour?
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Will Taylor Swift release her re-Recorded music to the public?

I heard Information about since last year that Scooter Bruan wouldn't give Taylor her old Masters back. She has announced as of November 1st of this Taylor Swift would be free to Re-Record Taylor ...
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Out of the Woods Breakdown

What are the presumably metaphorical "woods," in Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods?" I think it refers to a jungle of memories or better yet, a jungle of discomfort which can be ...
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Song 'You all over me' by Taylor Swift missing lyrics ''Shouldn't [?], but I never do''

Taylor Swift's song You all over me has these lyrics: [Verse 1] Once the last drop of rain, has dried off the pavement Shouldn’t [?], but I never do The lyrics are missing after ...
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Original Taylor Swift song Bad Blood

So the original song Bad Blood without Kendrick Lamar did what I thought could never happen- that is, it was a real song, and now it's impossible to find. Like, you can't even buy it anywhere. Was ...
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Which Taylor Swift songs are about her exes?

I heard that Taylor Swift sings songs about all her breakups and only skipped Taylor Lautner. Is this right? And which songs were about which of her ex-boyfriends?
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