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T99 - Anasthasia what is the vocal saying around 2:30 into the track?

There is a break and the vocal is saying something in a language I'm not sure what it is. I would like to understand what it is.
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How/why is it that house/techno "producers" still work with traditional producers/mixing engineers?

Take this song, for example. My first impression was that this song involved Ariana singing on a Zedd instrumental. But then I discovered Max Martin helped write the song, and i'm sure he had a ...
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Trying to find early 2000s EDM track, Japanese vocals, breakdancing skeleton

I'm trying to track down this song/electronic group (I think short-lived) that I loved in highschool that no one else knew about somehow. Their music had Japanese vocals but I think they were based in ...
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What's the difference among melodic techno, deep house, and progressive house?

I have been listening to melodic techno music lately and I have been enjoying it a lot. However, when I listen to progressive house, I don't feel like I like it a lot. Deep house is in the middle. ...
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90s or 2000 techno song with piano introduction (no vocals) [closed]

Looking for a techno song/eletronic I believe it's from the 90's almost 2000. Starts with a single note from the piano and the introduction goes by this way. Beautiful and calm and it has a little ...
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Help identifying a techno (?) song [closed]

At a young age, I saw a music video for a techno/house song, but I am to still to this day unable to find it. In the music video, is a car(?) moving though a forest area and a chorus line might be "...
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Songs similar to Runescape game remix "Har'Money"

There's a remix song based on a game called Runescape that I really like and want to make a playlist of other songs that are like it too but I can't find anything similar. The song can be heard here: ...
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Why do techno artists add noise to recordings?

First I thought that there was something wrong with the record, but if you listen to the track "Hiroshi Kano" by the artist Viers, then there is noise in the track on purpose (?) and the same for the ...
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Techno-House theme where interpreter naming Roman Emperors in the lyrics [closed]

I was reading this question on Christianity StackExchange and suddenly I remembered hear a song which: It was interpreted by a female (I suppose that by her voice). The music's genre was electronic ...
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Why is Suara "All about music and cats"?

Since founding Spanish record label Suara in 2008, Coyu has been using iconic photos of cats illustrated below. What is the the true story behind these cute little kitties, featuring on every EP and ...
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What's the difference between house and techno?

Both are considered pillars of electronic dance music, and probably its most known and recognized genres. They are often used interchangeably, sometimes to refer to electronic dance music in general, ...
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