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Is the vinyl records production process going green?

I wonder if there is some kind of attention in going green in the entire record production process (or part of it). By "going green" I mean if there are emerging approaches in everything ...
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When did vinyl switch from “Side One/Two” to “A/B Side”?

Not sure if this is universal but I’ve been going through some of my dad’s records (late ‘60s to ‘80s) and I’ve noticed that all of his vinyls describe the first side as “Side One” and the back side ...
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Is there a difference in terms of sound quality between 1st, 2nd & 3rd pressing in Vinyl production?

I am interested in this particular 1989 recording and there are various options available GOLD 2XLP BLACK 2XLP - $40 CLEAR VINYL 2XLP (2ND PRESS) - $44 FOGGY CLEAR VINYL (3RD PRESSING) - $44 What ...
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How to find out whether I have an original press of an LP?

My husband recently brought home some vinyls of "A Hard Day's Night" and "The Magical Mystery Tour" yesterday and we've been cruising around sites looking for ways to determine whether they're in fact ...
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Vinyl record limited to 700 meaning?

What does it mean when a vinyl record says "Limited to 700"?
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If possible, how could mastering engineers allow for stereo bass on vinyl?

I've read that anything below 300 Hz should be cut in mono on vinyl; others say 100 Hz should be the threshold. I always thought it mattered most how much music was cramped onto each side, because the ...
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Are newly pressed vinyl records done from the original or remastered recordings?

I know this might seem like a broad question but hopefully I can clarify. I recently bought a record player and am starting to build a collection of records because I like the experience of hearing ...
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Is it possible to discover where a vinyl record was physically pressed?

Do you know if it is possible, from the cover/back-cover or from the vinyl itself, to understand where a vinyl has been pressed? I know on the vinyl are engraved the serial number/barcode, but I don'...
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