Does Blur's song MyTerracotta Heart signal another Blur breakdown?

In Blur's latest album The Magic Whip there's a song called "My Terracotta Heart" that makes me wonder about the future of the band.

The Magic Whip is the new album recorded by Blur after 12 years of silence. The last album before The Magic Whip is Think Tank, the only album recorded without guitarist and co-founder Graham Coxon.

Coxon was "fired" from the band because of his problems with alcohol. Coxon's alcohol addiction casued lots of frictions between him and the band, specially with Damon Albarn (they were friends before the rise of the band, almost best friends). After his departure from Blur, Coxon and the band entered in a "cold period" during which they didn't talk with each other for many years.

In the 2012, Albarn and Coxon made peace, making the Blur reunion with two gigs at Hyde Park. Then, they came back to work in studio and The Magic Whip was the result.

Now, it seems that everything is fine, but listening to the lyrics of "My Terracotta Heart" I think that the relationship between Coxon and Albarn is ruining again.

Here are the words that make me think this:

Is my terracotta heart breaking?

I don't know If I'm losing you

If I'm losing you again

I think that Albarn uses a terracotta heart as analogy, a metaphor that represent their (delicate, fragile) friendship.

Do "My Terracotta Heart" lyrics talk about that? Did Damon Albarn write this song to say that their delicate friendship is wasting again?