Are the lyrics of Yoko Kanno’s song [*Moon*]( "The work "Moon" in MusicBrainz") meaningless (as in using [pseudowords](, [gibberish](, [scat singing]( or similar), or are the lyrics in some kind of language? 

Maybe a [fictional language]( constructed by Yoko Kanno (AKA Gabriela Robin), possibly also used in her other works that use similar lyrics? Or maybe puns/wordplays, as described as special case for Japanese music in [Word Salad Lyrics](, "based on alternate translations of the kanji used" or "similar-sounding words"?

###What I've learned so far…

I found many claims that it’s not in any kind of language, but none of them are from authoritative sources, and none of them cover the possibilities that it could be a fictional language or Japanese wordplays.

* Xah Lee claims on his [page about *Moon*](

 > As with many of Yoko Kanno's songs, the lyrics is meaningless vocalizations, not of any language.

* From [Gabriela Robin’s article]( in a wiki about Yoko Kanno:

 > Her very characteristic is to often write lyrics in a specific language she seems to be the only one capable of translate.

* From [Yoko Kanno’s article]( in TV Tropes (but not in particular about *Moon*):

 > [Word Salad Lyrics]( When she writes lyrics, this can happen. And sometimes what sounds like word salad is actually a nonsense language.

* In the thread [What language is this song?]( in the LoadingReadyRun forum, various languages are suggested, and some claim that it’s just gibberish. A source (supposedly a fan page, which I can’t locate) is quoted:

 > Her non-sensical lyrics have been known to drive the unknowing fan searching for translations from different linguists, but to no avail.