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How does Billboard assign songs to its various charts?

Interesting question. From what I could find; in the end it comes down to a chart manager. The Billboard wiki page mentions the following: "What separates the charts is which stations and stores are ...
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Records with longest Billboard chart success

Wikipedia's page on the Billboard 200 has a list of albums that spent the most weeks (not necessarily consecutively) on the chart: Most weeks on the chart Note that totals are for the main albums ...
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Why are there so many love songs?

A lot of the subjects you listed tend to be related to love in some way, as love as a subject spans a large range of emotions. If you want to write an angry song, you can write about love. Sad? Yup, ...
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Why didn't Olivia Rodrigo receive any nominations for 2021 Billboard Music Awards?

Awards are always a bit subjective, even for a data-driven business like the music charts. If she didn't make it onto the fan-voted nominations, it's because the fans didn't vote for her (in enough ...
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How does billboard determine the account for their 'hotplay' list?

The "hot" trackers try to measure full exposure of the song through different channels, buy aggregating data from radio airplay, sales, and streaming. Radio exposure is measured by a subjective ...
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