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Mayer is known as a great guitarist, but not a particularly innovative one. The guitarists you cited were of an earlier generation, and helped pioneer the characteristic sound of the electric guitar. In general, all the most celebrated guitarists have their own distinctive, instantly recognizable sound, which they either created or popularized. It is, ...


John Mayer now plays with Dead and company. And guitar excellence is part of their tradition. Especially improvisation. I'm a Deadhead but not a big JM booster, but I recognize his skill. He does a pretty good job of exploring the improvisational space the Dead allow him. So, it is my humble opinion that he IS considered on par as witnessed by his ...


Sorry for my potentially less educated guess than those who have posted before me but I believe it's very evident that rap was influenced by hip hop, and slightly less evident I believe that hip hop was influenced by jazz, via the structure of it's poetry and symbolism, from there we can trace jazz back to its roots in blues directly

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