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The overture to Rossini's The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra).


A good starting point would be Spotify's "Study" or "Focusing" genre, which contain a variety of curated playlists made by Spotify editors. Since you tagged this question with classical-music, you could also take a look at something like "Study: Classical Concentration" And if you want something completely different, I suggest looking at Lo-Fi Beats that ...


The tune is "American Patrol", a march written by Frank White Meacham in 1885 incorporating both original musical themes by Meacham and melodies from American patriotic songs of the era. Glenn Miller's Orchestra recorded a swing version of the march in 1942 (arranged by Jerry Gray). Here's the march played by the United States Marine Band. .


In the Journal of the Royal Musical Association Vol. 136, No. 1 (2011), pp. 33-71 there is an article "Handel and Homosexuality: Burlington House and Cannons Revisited" by Thomas McGeary. I can't find the full text of the article, but the abstract probably contains enough information: It has been claimed that Burlington House and Cannons, the homes of the ...

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