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Do any club DJs still spin vinyl? Yes. Have most/all of them moved on to computer formats (such as WAV, FLAC, MP3)? Difficult to answer. We are currently experiencing a vinyl revival during which sales of vinyl records are growing every year. For example, in November 2014, it was reported that over million vinyl records had been sold in the UK in the since ...


A DJ mix generally means it was created live, in one sitting and the tracks are usually blended together to mix together seamlessly. A compilation album on the other hand, keeps the tracks separate and they are generally not mixed together. Both are meant to be experienced as a whole, although the later is meant to be picked apart as individual tracks with ...


Darkside (Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington) is an exceptionally talented and unique duo. About a year ago I was lucky enough to see them at an intimate Brooklyn venue that no longer exists (RIP Glasslands). You'll have trouble finding another band quite like them, though it's probably fair to say they exhibit traits of trip-hop, electronica, downtempo, ...


Google's cached version of as of today 12.jan.2017 (main site down for maintenance) has a thread of people reminiscing about LIFE in Boston, and one of the contributors mentions a site slowtospeak , with some mp3s of the live LIFE sets, including the date you mention.


It wasn't always blurred. The first one is United States and the other was United Kingdom. Its been blurred since it first release. Probably for international political reasons. Ha! Here's the original unblurred video.


Disclaimer: This is hard to answer objectively - It's very location and music style dependent. Below I'm referring to (charts, house) clubs in Switzerland. I'd say, especially club DJs don't use vinyl anymore. They may still have a turntable, but that is a digital one which is just used to imitate scratches on digital files or mix to tracks together live. ...

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