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It belongs to broad genre of Rock/Pop, in a similar vein to Volcano Choir, Angus & Julia Stone, Dorota Miskiewicz and others only with a slightly slower tempo and moody keyboards instead of guitars. Other LEMMiNO tracks such as "Terra" or "Moon" have a certain Vince Clarke/Depeche Mode vibe to them.


A complete answer to this question would probably fill several books. One website that attempts to collect children's songs from all over the world is Mama Lisa's World. As they say about themselves: Mama Lisa's World is the internet's premier destination for children's songs from around the globe and for discussions of international culture. It features ...


John Birks 'Dizzy' Gillespie is also a 'father of Bebop' together with Charlie 'Yardbird' or 'Bird' Parker; or more simply, Bird. Please find New Faces lp/cassette/cd? which from 1984 features Branford Marsalis/multi-reed artist. New Faces is focused on Dizzy Gillespie and friends, hence the apt title: New Faces. There are/is one or more latin pieces very ...

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