Wikipedia has it as composed by George Michael and his musical partner in Wham! Andrew Ridgeley, although in some places (Japan, Canada and the United States) it is only credited to George Michael. This is confirmed by the back sleeve of the single:


I'm not sure how accurate the liner notes to George Michael albums are, but the only credited bassist on the studio album that contains "Cowboys And Angels", Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, is Deon Estus. It appears that Estus had been playing bass for Michael since his days with Wham!, and Michael even helped produce Estus's solo album, Spell, which was ...


The song was written before Wham even had a name, way back in '81. George took over the writing by the time the band were recording, so everything after that tends to only have his name attached to it. The one thing you have to bear in mind above all else is that George's ego was the biggest thing in Wham. Bigger than Andrew, bigger than the name, bigger ...

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