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The simplest reason is that Axl doesn't have the best character (to put it mildly). Most of the members started disliking, even hating him after some years. He was known for being at least 2 hours late for the shows, which as a musician and a fan, I find really irritating. With 'original members' I assume you are referring to the Appetite for Destruction ...


Wikipedia is rather vague: Guns N' Roses' lead guitarist, Slash, states that the song was written in the back of a rental van as they were on their way back from playing a gig in San Francisco with the band Rock N Riders. He says that the band was in the back of the van, drinking and playing acoustic guitars, when he came up with the intro. Duff ...


A band rarely owns their own copyright. It is most likely held by a dedicated publishing company, even if that publishing company was set up as sole rights owner by the band members themselves - famous one, Deep Purple - Purple Management & Purple Records. Without going into any particular legal ramifications [which are well outside the scope of this ...


Paradise City is not a real city but pleas to be taken to heaven. At least that is what William said when we met just prior to Guns N Roses being officially formed. Met him at a state fair in LA in 1985.

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