As shown in the video, the band is Wet Floor, whose bass player is Ikuo Shibutani. This is confirmed by IMDB. Don't Slip (uncredited) Composed by Tôru Minegishi Performed by Wet Floor ( Hiroaki Takeuchi & Sachiko Watabe (vocals), Akitoshi Kuroda (guitar), Ikuo Shibutani (bass), Kei Yamazaki (drums) ) Recorded by Takashi Koiwa


Duran Duran Fandom site mentions this : a horn section played a prominent role in the track, as played by The Borneo Horns. here also DDF site again mentions Mac Gollehon - trumpet


From left to right: John Bentley Gilson Lavis Chris Difford Glenn Tilbrook Paul Carrack bass drums guitar lead vocals keyboards


My understanding of your question is that you are looking for the name of the cellist that appears in this video from 1'21" to 1'52" under the name ω-3. This is 徳澤青弦 (Seigen Tokuzawa), a Japanese cellist. More on Wikipedia, Discogs and MusicBrainz.

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