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I am very sorry - it turned out that this isn'ta music album and this isn't any music group, but just a music selection on the social network, with attached this photo for decoration. "P von B" -- this is a monogram of the author (Paul Von Borax) of the photo. Good job, by the way. Here is the link to the photo album. Thank you all for your interest in the ...


You need to contact the Liebherr company, tell them what you're looking for, where you saw it and a link to the video itself, this is library music for promotional purposes, not to be confused with library music for film and television and if you google 'royalty free music for promotional videos' that should give you an idea of just how fast you'd drown in ...


BINGO! Track 5 on Acappella Southern. From the album description: We then topped it all off with a brand new recording of “Amazing Grace” that will have you smiling all day. Here is the Deezer link to the song.

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