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It is Free South Africa by French songwriter Pascal Danae


It belongs to broad genre of Rock/Pop, in a similar vein to Volcano Choir, Angus & Julia Stone, Dorota Miskiewicz and others only with a slightly slower tempo and moody keyboards instead of guitars. Other LEMMiNO tracks such as "Terra" or "Moon" have a certain Vince Clarke/Depeche Mode vibe to them.


As far as I know, one might simply call it 中國傳統音樂 (Chinese Traditional Music) or 國樂 (Roughly, "National Music"). You can find many good recordings by just searching some Chinese traditional instruments like: Pipa (琵琶) Guzheng (古箏) Guqin (古琴) Xiao (簫) Dizi (笛子) Erhu (二胡) There are more instruments of course, but searching for these names on ...

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