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Help identify instrument from Hateful Eight

I'm tempted to say contrabassoon, as the instrument playing the seriously low D starting in the 2nd bar. For the rest of that phrase, I'd be hard-pressed to distinguish whether it was bassoon or ...
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What kind of brass instrument plays the intro on Hypnotic Brass Ensemble's Spottie?

This instrument is called Sousaphone. You can check the credits on Discogs and see there is no bass guitar. Baritone Saxophone – Uttama Hubert Drums – Eamonn Hall Sousaphone – Tycho Cohran ...
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Which saxophone is used on "Don't Deal With the Devil"?

Assuming, based on Bandcamp link that this track is called "Don't deal with the Devil". It's true, there are some overlaps in the range of various saxophones. But if you listen to the whole piece, ...
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Name of music instrument used in Don't Starve

That is indeed an organ. Maybe barrel orgen which imitates an pipe organ. This info is not that specific because barrel organs imitate a whole orchestra, so the sound range of barrel organs is quite ...
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