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Maybe Urge Overkill's cover of Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon? Just after he says "Girl", you'll have a similar but slower riff, with the same kind of guitar effects. The song Atomic was released in 1979, and Urge Overkill's Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon in 1994. Unofficial sources suggest that Atomic riff is inspired by Neil Diamond original Girl You'll Be a ...


I'm not sure how similar you want the tempo to be but many JRPG games have similar composing and instrument/sound/note selection for funny cutscenes and such. If you want to find something similar this badly, I suggest you to look for JRPG OST's of famous titles such as final fantasy, star ocean, fire emblem, persona etc. also if you are familiar with gemes,...


It sounds like the chorus of "How You Remind Me" by Nickelback. Start at 27 seconds in.


That's a sample of Bulgarian women's choral singing - try Le Mystere de voix Bulgares. Here's a sample.


I think that was original music. In the first example, though, the third snippet (men's voices only) is in fact a very famous Gregorian chant, "Pange lingua gloriosi," which you can easily look up and find on line.

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