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At a live performance there will always be sources of noise that will distract from the music. There are different ways of dealing with this: Purists will just set up a stereo mic pair. Everything it picks up ends up on the recording. At the other end of the scale, a producer will close mic every single instrument and record all the rehearsals and several ...


One obvious strategy to answering this question is a Google search, which shows: There is a group under the name "Quantum Jazz." Nothing in their music sounds particularly "quantum" to me, but it does suggest they've at least thought in the same direction as you: Conversely, there is a science/art ...


To take @LittleVoice's putdown in the comments seriously, consider the unsolvable AI computer problem of P and NP with reference to time, where P equals serial, linear time, and NP equals time in the sense that Einstein refers to time, that is, all time exists in every moment. Or, since I am referencing quantum physics, P equals the changes and NP equals ...


SoundHound told me that it's "The Yearbook" by Pleaseeasaur, I guess with the loud beginning part chopped off:

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