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What is the 'Slight Return' In Voodoo Child referring to?

On the album Electric Ladyland, there's a track called Voodoo Child, around 15 minutes long. There's a sort of reprise later, called Voodoo Child (Slight Return), which is far shorter, at around 5 ...
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Did Jimi Hendrix's reverted Stratocaster influence his sound?

I'll try to explain, however I'm no guitar maker or acoustic engineer so it might be quite technically inaccurate... Let's begin: As you can see, there are 3 single-coil pickups on a Stratocaster. In ...
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Did Jimi Hendrix walk around stage during soundcheck to find feedback 'sweet spots'?

A classic example of this technique is Robert Fripp's guitar part on the David Bowie song "Heroes". "Fripp [stood] in the right place with his volume up at the right level and getting feedback. . ....
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Did Hendrix and Clapton preform together?

They did not perform together. According to this interview, they played on 2 separate tracks. On your first solo album (1970) you pulled off a coup getting Clapton and Jim Hendrix to play on Go ...
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Did Jimi Hendrix's reverted Stratocaster influence his sound?

There are many ways it would have affected his sound. A few points about the interaction of pickups and strings changes. The angle of the bridge pickup is backwards. This will cause his higher ...
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