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What Do The Lyrics Of "O Shenandoah" Refer to?

The most commonly-sung, modern-day lyrics of Shenandoah obviously refer to Oneida Chief Shenandoah (AKA John Skenandoa), an imposing figure who really did exist, and the love the singer has for his ...
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What is "Stereotomy" by The Alan Parsons Project about?

Although the word ‘stereotomy’ literally means “the art and science of cutting three-dimensional solids [typically stone] into particular shapes”, in the album it's used as a metaphor for the effects ...
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Giant Steps are what you take…

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" Neil Armstrong - said while literally walking on the moon. You don't per chance think that this quote - potentially the most famous ...
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Du Hast - You Have or You Hate?

I was asked to sing this song at a rock open mic that I do sound for. I lived in Germany from 92-04, my response was this: “I actually think I could pull that off… and a chance to say why the song was ...
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