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I wrote this song, so I may be able to help (hope it's not too late)! Gotta wake up, snooze the alarm Only ten more minutes won't do me no harm I'm hitting red lights and I'm gonna be late For my dead end job with the people I hate Whatever happened to the people like me Working dead end jobs ending up in the street How do they get by? Man I don't have a ...


great song, so upbeat about a floor and guy who doesnt seem to care to much except for spare change and partying total nostalgia was featured in the game to Grind Sesson (ps1 ) games and there awsome vibes and music)


Lyric interpretations are always subjective, but I'd venture that this one is talking about how the narrator feels after a date with a new love interest ends. While he was out on the date, he felt so euphoric, it was like he was flying high up in the sky. But now that [she] has gone home, he's coming down off that cloud (AKA feeling of being on a natural ...


This is a classic example of a misheard lyric (sometimes known as a "mongdegreen"). If you read the lyrics on Coldplay's own website and compare it with the original song you can hear the original text is "Roman cavalry choirs are singing". This is a fairly obscure reference (made a bit clearer by the reference to missionaries two lines later) and it's easy ...

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