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The only word I can come up with that fits is that "irit" is short for "irritating", which means causing displeasure, anger, or annoyance (Merriam-Webster dictionary)


Poetry, song lyrics and advertising slogans are often ungrammatical, and it's almost always deliberate. It's more memorable, and it can move you past the ordinary meaning of the words. In this case, "human" is both a noun and an adjective, so we can both say "are you human?" (the same way we would say "are you happy?"), using ...


The Wikipedia article mentions this confusion about the lyrics. Flowers is irritated that people don't quite seem to get the lyric, and that fans were unhappy with the song's dance beat. "It's supposed to be a dance song, it goes with the chorus," he says. "If you can't put that together, you're an idiot. I just don't get why there's a ...


It's a hard song to understand unless you remember the ironic-nihilist, slacker culture of the times. At the time, Gen-X teenagers and young adults were dismissed by their elders as aimless, apathetic, self-destructive "losers." Rather than fight this labeling, artists like Beck chose to wear it proudly, as a badge of honor. Like much youth music, ...

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