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Is the song "You Raise Me Up" actually about Christian Relief?

What Groban meant might or might not be relevant - he is the singer and interpreter of the song as most of us know it. And certainly, THAT version is his. But he did not write it, and the lyricist may ...
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Who are the names in 2Pac - All Eyez On Me?

Bogart is the big OG homie from The Park(undisclosed).
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Changing words to Cohen's "Hallelujah"

Leonard Cohen intended the song to be open to interpretation, not to modification. He himself wrote dozens of verses and used them interchangeably in concert. Within the five verses used most often, ...
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In 'Two Tribes' of Frankie goes to Hollywood, is it a 'point' or 'money' that you can score? Do they actually say 'let's go to war'?

I always thought it was "moneys all that you can score"
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What is going on in the lyrics of Kate Rusby's song “The Lark”?

Or... It's a tree... There I stood and there I fell...a lament for lost nature... Is it wrong to wish you still need me? "If you could hear me speak where would I begin?" Where would an ...
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