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You're probably looking for this: Street Piano: Mozart Alla Turca Jazz by Fazil Say (Version by AyseDeniz) This is a version by Ayşedeniz Gökçin, who is a Turkish classical pianist. If you search for her on whatever streaming app you may be subscribed to, you may find her original version. I used the Shazam app which just managed to pick up the short ...


The question is so full of misconceptions & misinformation that it cannot be answered as it stands. Mozart was not buried in a pauper's grave. He was buried in a common grave, as was the custom for the time for all except royalty & the aristocracy. 'Common' literally means 'not royalty'. A common grave was therefore a grave for a commoner. It should ...


Assuming you're talking of W.A Mozart, Clavier Mozart was known as a performer primarily for his Clavier playing, and that was indeed his first instrument (arguably beginning to play at the age of 3, though he certainly composed from behind it as early as 5). His father Leopold was a violinist, and I suspect likely the one that made you think of the ...


This is based on the first movement of Mozart's Piano Sonata no.11 in A (K.331/300i).


According to Wikipedia, Kleiber did not record much, but Beethovens symphony #7 (live recording from 1982) is among these. In my opinion the second movement from that might fit better for a funeral than anything from the more cheerful symphony #6.


Ok, think I have found the answer to this question so posting it here, but if anyone else finds another possiblity then I would be interested to hear it... The recording may be Beethoven's 6th symphony, wfhich can be found here.. There is about 5 minutes of applause at the end of this recording. Clearly the audience really liked it.

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