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NOFX's song "Linoleum" - what's the meaning of this song?

As always, genius is a good source for analyzing of song meanings. This particular song has been extensively analyzed by multiple users. Having said this, most of the time a song's meaning is subject ...
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Who are the people referenced in "You Don't Belong" by Bad Religion?

Lead vocalist and songwriter Greg Graffin gives a description of where the title originated along with the different names and meanings mentioned in the song. Song Meaning: Greg Graffin: "If you ...
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Should we consider Audioslave a continuation of Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden, or neither?

Any band that takes members from multiple previously established bands should always be considered a new band. If Cornell wanted these songs to be Soundgarden songs, he'd have done them with ...
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Was American Idiot the first Punk "Concept Album"?

An earlier example of a Punk concept album is Zen Arcade by Hüsker Dü, which was released in July 1984, and recorded in October 1983.
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What was the first band considered to be punk?

Punk covers such a broad range of sounds, styles, and subgenres that I don't really think this has a definitive answer. Punk in New York, London and Australia all sort of happened independently ...
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Punk rock song, lyrics: "mix between a wolf and a lamb"

It's Balanced Boy by Millencolin, which you can find here.
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What caused Oxnard to have such an amazing punk scene?

Big generalisation: great music tends to come out of two sorts of places. Either places where music is accepted, and thrives, and the place encourages it : Austin, Nashville, wherever. Or the opposite,...
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INDK - Livin with even LES; what does LES stand for

The band is from New York and more precisely from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This song says: Today - the Lower East Side is yuppified with fat cats and their poor folk hide It's also a pun,...
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Was American Idiot the first Punk "Concept Album"?

That's Life by Sham 69 was released in 1978 and provides a look at disillusionment in 1970s working class London.
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Whose​ faces are behind the Nimrod stickers on the cover of Green Day's "Nimrod"?

As explained in the relevant Wikipedia article: After three art directors were rejected by the band and pressing was behind schedule, Green Day asked the help of Chris Bilheimer, a friend of ...
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Punk/emo bands that sound similar to "The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die"?

I have been listening to the band you mentioned and looked at some spotify recommendations and stuff and the most repetitive bands that came up were sorority noise, foxing, and tigers jaw. Hope this ...
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