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I would actually disagree that punk is a distinctive subgenre. Punk is a pretty broad variety of sounds unified by philosophy and some aesthetics. Punk as a label for a music and culture is generally considered born in late 70's London. Some people would actually say that punk traces back as much to Malcolm McLaren, who created the Sex Pistols and was ...


As always, genius is a good source for analyzing of song meanings. This particular song has been extensively analyzed by multiple users. Having said this, most of the time a song's meaning is subject to interpretation. To start with, linoleum is a type of floor covering. The whole song is playing around with this floor theme. It starts with the first few ...


Lead vocalist and songwriter Greg Graffin gives a description of where the title originated along with the different names and meanings mentioned in the song. Song Meaning: Greg Graffin: "If you ever get a hold of our first EP, a 7", there's a guy with a jacket - a leather jacket - in the audience and it says, 'You don't belong' on it. That's where we ...


The friend who played me the album remembered what I was going on about when he saw the question. The answer is Cooked on Phonics by Punky Brüster. The grumbly voice is doing the narrative in parts and the story is about the formation of a fake punk band from a metal one.


Any band that takes members from multiple previously established bands should always be considered a new band. If Cornell wanted these songs to be Soundgarden songs, he'd have done them with Soundgarden. But, at the same time, when you have a certain writing style which permeated your previous band, you're always going to sound a little like that band. So,...


An earlier example of a Punk concept album is Zen Arcade by Hüsker Dü, which was released in July 1984, and recorded in October 1983.


To expand on the New York roots of punk, folk singer Jeffrey Lewis has a great little song about the origins of punk that goes all the way back to the 50's. Check out Jeff's history of punk here: I would personally argue that most of what he is talking about in the song is what was going on in music that lead up ...


It's Balanced Boy by Millencolin, which you can find here.


Big generalisation: great music tends to come out of two sorts of places. Either places where music is accepted, and thrives, and the place encourages it : Austin, Nashville, wherever. Or the opposite, where the edginess or boredom of the place drive people to make great music as a way out : Woking, UK, subject of the Jam's "Town called Malice", Coventry, ...


Punk covers such a broad range of sounds, styles, and subgenres that I don't really think this has a definitive answer. Punk in New York, London and Australia all sort of happened independently around about the same time in the early 70's. I do believe the Damned were the first punk band to release a single amongst the 70's English bands, as were The ...


The band is from New York and more precisely from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This song says: Today - the Lower East Side is yuppified with fat cats and their poor folk hide It's also a pun, like Angst suggested with the word less. So it does have a double meaning because the LES of Manhattan is a poor neighbourhood.


Artist: Panic At The Disco! Song: "But It's Better If You Do"


As explained in the relevant Wikipedia article: After three art directors were rejected by the band and pressing was behind schedule, Green Day asked the help of Chris Bilheimer, a friend of Armstrong who had done covers for another group signed by Warner Bros. Records, R.E.M.. Having just the album title to work on, Bilheimer had some ideas, with ...

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