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Who owns the rights to unreleased music, if anyone?

The laws are different everywhere. In a lot of countries (including the USA and Germany) the creator owns the copyright to any creative work of art they produce, as soon as they produce it. There is ...
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What has the RIAA(/MPAA/BSA) done in re the recent surge in music piracy due to coronavirus?

Recent RIAA activity Action based on May 2020 US Copyright Office report Hollywood and tech prep for another round of copyright wars RIAA and other music industry groups, including the Music Artists ...
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Marshmello record labels

Many of Marshmello's releases are under the labels of his collaborators. Selena Gomez ("Wolves"), Blackbear ("Tongue Tied"), and Yungblood ("Tongue Tied") are all signed ...
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Sam Sparro - Black and Gold

Here's a link to the video on Vimeo! I went to the website of the original video's director, Mariah Garnett, and it's listed under her music videos. It's the third one from the top.
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