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Why are vinyl RPM and tape speed the way they are?

Emile Berliner created the first vinyl player with an electric motor, in 1888, which just happened to run at 3,600 rpm. That made the disc run close to 78rpm, allowing about 5 mins of play per record. ...
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Why are some of the lyrics in Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera omitted or missing entirely?

The song was originally written for Andrew Lloyd Webber's wife Sarah Brightman and went though several changes before it ended up in "The Phantom of the Opera" which can probably be ...
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Recently many "scratch tracks" of Michael Jackson acapella posted to YouTube - any particular reason why?

The definition of 'scratch track' is correct, but the channel posting these is mis-using the term. Basically what they've posted is simply the single vocal [LVox] channel from a set of leaked ...
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Why are vinyl RPM and tape speed the way they are?

According to a Wikipedia article that has no citation listed for this fact: Tape recording first became common enough for the issue of compatibility between tape deck manufacturers to become an issue ...
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Why does Metal sound so muddy?

"Metal" is a fairly broad term, and as you observed in your original post, only certain artists' work is characterized by a "muddy" sound. As glahn's answer indicates, for certain ...
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