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Your lyrics are from the 1968 Beatles' song Revolution, but the melody isn't much of a match. To be honest, this isn't a very melodic song --there's a lot of songs that have a similar groove. My other best guess would be Michael Franti's "Yell Fire", but that's from 2006. That's really just a shot in the dark, however --as I said, the melody isn't ...


Could it be American authors’ “best day of my life?”


The personnel is: Dave Bickler – lead vocals Frankie Sullivan – lead and rhythm guitars, vocals Jim Peterik – grand piano, electric guitar, vocals Stephan Ellis – bass Marc Droubay – drums There are plenty of remixes, your favorite search engine will list them for you.


If "Fire and Flames" and "Für Elise" create identical feelings to you there won´t be any search-term that can help you. If they create different feelings to you, and you listen to one or the other depending on your mood to "feel good" or "appealed" then it´s simple: Search for the genre that matches your present mood. ...

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