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Had Mark Knopfler written some more rock songs after Dire Straits?

Yes, typically there would be at least one uptempo song on his solo albums. The lead singles from his early solo albums are still regularly played on the radio where I live. Here's some, depending on ...
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Steve Vai logo meaning

The 2nd post is correct, but I think I have a deeper answer... A man with an eye patch. Which is the One-Eyed Man. "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King." It might not be a &...
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Was there any official info as to why Always Somewhere sounds like Simple Man?

I assume it was in homage to Skynyrds 1977 plane crash that lost lead singer and leader Ronnie van Zant - the song "Always Somewhere" came out the year later. A lot of bands were doing ...
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