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There are some performances where he mentions the key which the songs will be in im fairly certain he learned through more experienced people early on and soon has his own thing going. Hendrix knew the foundations


Frusciante and his lover Toni Oswald were both interested in art, and were fans of the subversive surrealist Marcel Duchamp. They also enjoyed role reversals --dressing up in each other's clothes. The cover of the album is inspired by a self-portrait of Duchamp in drag, as a female alter-ego (anima) named Rrose Selavy. Similarly, John named his female alter-...


That song is "Blind Children" by an Austrian band Paternoster (see here). Recorded sometime around 1972. They seem to have released just a single eponymous album.


David Gilmour's string gauges can be purchased as ready-made 'signature' sets from GHS. It can only be assumed that, as he endorses them, he also uses them ;) David Gilmour’s Custom Guitar String Gauges Strat: .010 - .012 – .016 – .028 – .038 – .048 Les Paul: .0105 – .013 – .017 – .030 – .040 – .050

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