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Where is this "overused" piece of ending originated from?

Ah, the “shave and a haircut, two bits” ending! From what I found it was first used over 120 years ago (with no lyrics) in an 1899 song by Charles Hale, called “At a Darktown Cakewalk.” Your pitches ...
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Where does this famous rhythm pattern come from (oftenly used to knock on a door)?

This pattern comes from a fanfare often used at the end of a musical performance called "Shave and a Haircut- Two Bits" I found this reference to it on Wikipedia: In music, the call "...
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What is the source of this clause, often used to mark the completion of something?

There's a Wikipedia page on this riff which is called "Shave and a Haircut". One of the earliest uses was in a 1899 song by Charles Hale: "At a Darktown Cakewalk", although it was used in other songs ...
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Where does this famous rhythm pattern come from (oftenly used to knock on a door)?

In the Netherlands a comical music group, called The Cocktail Trio, had a hit in 1965 with a song about a flea circus. Ultimately a flea makes the biggest jump ever to the moon. The song ends with the ...
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How does sampling work with respect to legal/ethical issues?

This is a common misconception… sampling of any kind could breach copyright The term used is usually 'infringes' but the true statement is sampling of any kind does infringe copyright - unless ...
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Does the riff in *Shake Your Body* (The Jacksons) sound the same as the one in "Golden Years" (Bowie)?

They do sound similar! Writing credit would be too much. After all its just a bassline which sounds similar, not the same.
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Did Aphex Twin ever used samples from someone else's tracks?

Using, you can find some of the songs that Aphex Twin has sampled. It turns out that he has sampled over 75 songs, including (among many other songs of varying popularity): "Apache" by ...
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Seeking song with passionate noises to sample

I'm assuming this is a project for your own personal enjoyment --if you're sampling for a commercial project, you'll need to either get all your samples cleared or make sure they are 100% in the ...
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Seeking song with passionate noises to sample

The first two that come to mind for me are: 1) "Love to Love You Baby" by Donna Summer 2) "French Kiss" by L'il Louis Or are these going too far the other way?
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Any Plunderphonics recommendations?

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals (2008) and Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica (2011) are both classic albums in my opinion.
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Which modern songs/melodies use the "Devil's interval" augmented 4th, discounting the use of tritone substitution in jazz?

The Simpsons theme (The Siiimp -- sons :-) Maria, from Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story are the ones that come to my mind. A note of caution, though, the association of the expression "diabolus ...
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