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This article says that the most sampled song of all-time is "Change the Beat" by Fab 5 Freddy: According to the BBC, though, one song has proven particularly popular among DJs and musicians: "Change the Beat," by Fab 5 Freddy. According to the site Who Sampled, "Change the Beat" has been featured in nearly 1,300 songs, ...


Why is the 808 kick so popular? Both the TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines have carved their character into many genres, including house, techno, r&b, electro, and hip-hop. Released in 1980 and 1984 respectively, they didn't get much attention at first, but eventually became two of the most well known and used electronic music instruments, along with the ...


It looks like sampling predates the Beatles somewhat. In 1924, Italian composer Ottorino Respighi premiered his symphonic poem, Pini di Roma (Pines of Rome). In this piece, many scenes from the natural and civilized world are portrayed with symphonic instruments, such as an organ and various brass instruments playing low pitched notes to represent the ...


The guitar riff/chord structure has hints of Stairway to Heaven, but in a different key The verse sounds like anything by ZZ Top, with a touch of Rocky Mountain Way, minus the shuffle. WhoSampled has it listed as a cover by Dream Theatre, but no instances of it being sampled directly


The instrument is a Flexatone. It's a percussion instrument with two balls which strike a metal blade controlled by the thumb. Shaking it produces spooky glissando effects. Dr Dre probably uses a sample. Most professional percussionists have one and the instrument has been used in all kinds of music. The predominant use is as a sound effect, particularly in ...


After some quick gewgulls, I'd say the answer is yes. Crazy Lady yells at skaters Call 911 now original BTW, as referenced above, here's the Scary Monsters original sample: 7.00!!! OMG!!! NEW PB! OMG!! OMG!!!


They do sound similar! Writing credit would be too much. After all its just a bassline which sounds similar, not the same.


Depending on your definition of "non-rap", I know for a fact that artists such as Girl Talk (along with others on the Illegal Art label) sampled plenty of rap for songs that weren't necessarily rap. Venturing into left field, there was a project called Kids & Explosions which put out an album of entirely sample-based stuff that I really couldn't pin down ...


It's known as a side-stick or cross-stick Google found this or this set looks pretty comprehensive - I didn't test either of the above, I've got more drum samples here than I really know what to do with ;)


My drummer always called it a rimshot.


I'm assuming this is a project for your own personal enjoyment --if you're sampling for a commercial project, you'll need to either get all your samples cleared or make sure they are 100% in the public domain. That's been a very expensive lesson for any number of artists. I would try the Divinyls "I Touch Myself" or Nathaniel Merriweather's "Lovage" album (...


The first two that come to mind for me are: 1) "Love to Love You Baby" by Donna Summer 2) "French Kiss" by L'il Louis Or are these going too far the other way?


Using, you can find some of the songs that Aphex Twin has sampled. It turns out that he has sampled over 75 songs, including (among many other songs of varying popularity): "Apache" by the Incredible Bongo Band "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin "Soul Pride" by James Brown "Uranium" by Kraftwerk "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell "The ...


Girl Talk - Feed the Animals (2008) and Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica (2011) are both classic albums in my opinion.


The Simpsons theme (The Siiimp -- sons :-) Maria, from Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story are the ones that come to my mind. A note of caution, though, the association of the expression "diabolus in musica" with Satanism seems to be an historical equivoque, as it was originally used only metaphorically to express the abhorrence to the dissonance of that ...

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