For questions seeking bands, artists or musicians that are similar in genre, bpm, sound, etc. to the band, artist or musician in the original question.

Do you like an artist a lot and want to know if there are others like them around? Then this is the tag you're looking for.

The basic things you should be saying to let people help you is: the name of the artist. As the tag says , you need at least one, or more, artists for people realize what you're into. After that, you can ask for other artists that have properties similar to the one you showed them, example:

Q: I like [insert name here], do you know bands that give you the same feelings? Like, screaming into your soul, a singer with an aggressive voice. Doesn't necessarily hav to be in the same genre, as long as the singer sounds alike.

Some other bands I like that may help you are:

  • [insert name here]
  • [insert name here]
  • [insert name here]

By doing that, people can understand what you're looking for, and if they happen to know something, they can answer your question, or if they don't understand what you're looking for, the comment section in the answer is there for you to help them.

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