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Among Spotify music genres you find things like: "Party", "Workout", "Sleep", "Travel", "Focus", etc. With this kind of music genre classification, Spotify seems to be unable to provide any sort of useful suggestion. For most music genres I listen to it simply does not work; for more poppy stuff it can, but requires a lot of work (i.e. plenty of search and ...


This is mostly "Alternative R&B" (sometimes called "PBR&B" or hipster R&B). R&B ("rhythm & blues") is the long-running catch all term used by the Billboard charts for music aimed at the black American audience --but it has meant many very different sounds over the years. "Alternative R&B" began to be used as a term in the 90s to ...


Album is sort of a loose concept right now, but the problem you're probably noticing is that these allocations to categories are done via AI, which have different initial algorithms. How they "learn" to categorize may end up with different outcomes from time to time. It's the nature of the beast.

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