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Genre of music used in old Amiga demo videos

Chiptune is a modern music genre inspired by the songs that played on classic video game and computer consoles like the Amiga. It uses the same kind of crudely synthesized electronic sounds featured ...
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What's the connection between Synthwave and Miami?

"Miami Vice" is the reason. Not only was the visual style of the show very influential, with soft pink and blue pastels, but it was famous as one of the first TV shows that heavily relied on ...
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Genre of music used in old Amiga demo videos

In my opinion chipmusic usually leans more into gaming consoles than home computer demo and game music. It sounds very different than music on Amiga or C64 or even Adlib / Soundblaster. I believe MOD ...
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What genre is Futurecop! and Cinnamon Chasers?

Taken from (…)synthwave is often instrumental and has a "futuristic" theme, with large, throbbing, retro synths. House influenced heavy drums (often side-chained) are also very ...
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