For questions in which the performer is unknown to the world, like in very old recordings, traditional songs, etc. Do not use this tag to identify a performer (use the [identify-this-artist] tag instead).

The tag is to be used in the following cases:

  • For questions about a song whose performer is unknown to the world. For example, very old recordings may sometimes not have details about the performer among others. Many traditional songs also do not have known performers. Questions about such songs should use this tag.

Please note that the performer should really be unknown to the world, and not merely to you (the OP). If you want to identify the performer(s) of a song, then use the tag instead.

  • For questions about a performer who is unknown to the world. For example, one may have come across a piece of music in which the credits are given to a performer for whom no (or extremely little) information is known. Questions about such performers should use this tag.

  • For questions about the person(s) behind a performer who uses a pseudonym or alias. For example, there are artists who perform songs solely under pseudonyms—just as some authors write under pen-names. Questions specifically about the person(s) behind the aliases should use this tag.

Do not use this tag for questions directly about the work of such anonymous performers—in such a case, use the relevant tags of that performer's alias(es).