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If possible, how could mastering engineers allow for stereo bass on vinyl?

Let's start by saying, even if you could, it doesn't make a great deal of sense to have a heavy stereo split in the bass frequencies. Let's try to analyse why that would be... First, your ...
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How to find out whether I have an original press of an LP?

You need to check the cat number and then go to Discogs. This data base has a lot of references and is very accurate, especially for famous albums. For A Hard Day's Night for example, the earliest ...
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Vinyl record limited to 700 meaning?

It's a limited release, they only pressed 700 copies. It's intended to make the copies more valuable (similar to limited releases of prints for visual artists). According to this site, it looks like ...
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Are newly pressed vinyl records done from the original or remastered recordings?

As I said in the comments, it really depends on what you are looking for, and probably on how you define yourself : Are you a collector or a listener. Collectors Collectors will look for the ...
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