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I'm about ^2[0-9]$ years old, and currently studying electrical engineering and information technology at the TU Vienna.

For fun I like to code C++ and sometimes Java. I have taught myself (sometimes with a little help from my dad) various languages like PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, C/C++, Java, ... Also I have since ~2011 my own server which I'm maintaining. At first I just provided a Minecraft server for my class mates and me but it has grown eversince.

I also like to reinvent the wheel and have my own implementations of already established services. I guess I kind of like the smell of a raw implementation. An example of this is my APT repository which only contains a single package. But this package is up to date at least. And as soon as I heard of GitLab I did set up a GitLab CE server too, because why not! I'm also hosting a TeamSpeak3 server on this machine and it is very well populated with people from my old school. That's only the tip of the iceberg. I reinvented a transport control to place on top of UDP. I discontinued the project instead of using TCP :D

I recently got into kernel modules. But I have no clue what I want to archive so I just tried to compile an example for a C++ kernel module (I know, I know, C++ and kernel) and it worked.

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