20 years ago there were very good house DJs named Brian and Ivan of Shizm. They released excellent mixes on a website which is no longer active. Ten years later, I dug deep and could find that Ivan had a forum on Yahoo: I wrote him an email and he answered openly and friendly. After some time, I deleted all my emails and now I want to follow-up and know more about what happened. Is there any info about these DJs? How I can write a letter to Ivan or Brian?


Ivan is very friendly indeed, here's his SC account you can message him https://soundcloud.com/movement-wkkl

Ps: do you own shizm mixes yourself?

  • I downloaded the mp3 files when they were at shizm.com but in 2001 the site was shut down Aug 8 at 12:41
  • @NiklasR. I have around 90 shizm mixes myself, do you mind trading? I'm willing to give you all of mine, if you give me yours, I'm trying to get them all. soundcloud.com/jc012 <<<< Message me here if you're interested. Aug 17 at 9:54
  • 1
    I'll write you there then. I still have the mp3 files Aug 30 at 5:55

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