Finally paying attention to this song because of The Rescues' fantastic cover (featured in Pantheon), I noticed

(a) The current Wikipedia article is awful and could deeply benefit from better treatment but
(b) The previous version that included a Meaning section was just awful and patently wrong (a 1986 song wasn't focused on the fall of the Berlin Wall)

Given that this still comes in at the top of best Kiwi & Aussie songs ever, I'm curious if anyone here is enough of a fan to provide a solid foundation for understanding the song besides that it may be about a relationship and it seems to intend "Don't Dream [that] It's Over" instead of "Don't Dream [Because] It's Over".

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If you are referring to the song originally sung by the band, Crowded House, I think the best answer is straight from the horse's mouth. In this interview, the lead singer and song writer from the Band, Neil Finn, discusses the ambiguity and dual interpretation of the chorus lyrics but he states at 32:08 minutes in:

For me, it's a hopeful positive statement...don't start to believe there's no hope

Neil confirms the song is about not giving up and to keep dreaming because it's not over.

  • Well, I can hope there's more to it but... yeah... pending Neil contradicting himself that seems pretty authoritative xD
    – lly
    May 8 at 1:59

For me this song echos a theme on time, much like the song “enjoy yourself”, it’s closer than you think. It’s delightfully haunting yet hope wins, love wins. Different songs, yet timeless to the mortal mind.

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